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A Personal Organizer or Organization Advisor is a professional trained to apply specific techniques to help people with little time or skills to organize their own homes or corporate offices.

The main purpose of such work is to increase convenience, speed, savings and productivity for people and companies.

Modern life often imposes an accelerated pace on us, making time a scarcer and increasingly valuable asset. In this scenario, the work of a Personal Organizer gains an increasingly important role.

Modern consumers want convenience, and that’s precisely what organization solutions have to offer: convenience and well-being.

As I mentioned earlier, time is short, which makes it an even more valuable resource. People would rather dedicate their time to family, leisure or personal development. In order to do so, they need organization; otherwise, they won’t have such extra time available. That’s where a Personal Organizer can offer valuable help through services, guidance and solutions for a more practical, organized life.

Here’s a step-by-step description of a Personal Organizer’s work:

• Technical Consultation Call

All organization projects are customized, therefore the professional must be familiar with the space to be organized. During this call, the client’s needs and preferences are identified and will serve as a basis for designing the project. The project includes a diagnosis (current status) and an action plan (to-do list) for the environments assessed.

• Execution

The actual organization is developed along different stages: planning, disposal, division into categories and labelling.

• Guidance

The people involved in keeping things organized get all the guidance needed. Practicing the techniques taught makes organization become a habit. The client gets customized materials to support the process and solve future doubts.

• Maintenance

Entails a follow-up call to review the work done; this usually takes place thirty days after the job is concluded. The purpose is to check if the organization process is meeting the client’s needs.

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