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Just the thought of moving can give you the chills, right?

There’s no such thing as an easy move, whether it’s just across the street or across the world. Truth be said, moving always causes great turmoil in one’s life.

Planning and organization can make it less stressful and a good opportunity for renovation.

The more prepared you are, the less worn out you will feel, and the earlier will you be settled and ready to enjoy the perks of a new life!

Think about moving as a process that must be divided into stages: Preparation, Packing, and Organization of the New Home.

When preparing, the first step is to determine the moving date and choose the moving company. Look for companies for which you can get service quality referrals, and get at least three estimates; believe me when I tell you this is a valuable tip – after all, your home will be in the hands of this company for quite a while!

The next step is to identify and make an inventory of your belongings. Determine what you will take to your next home, take the time to get things organized. Get rid of unnecessary or unused items: you may donate them to charities or organize a garage sale, which will allow you to make some extra cash. Once everything has been organized, packing will be easier, speeding up the process of organization of your new home.

Don’t forget to send your new address to personal and professional contacts, and cancel water, electricity, gas, telephone, TV, internet, and other services you may use.

Once all is organized, you must start packing. At this stage, make

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