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Our home is always a source of pride for us. A clean, tidy home reflects the image of the people who live there.

How can you define a quick-and-easy cleaning schedule to make sure your home is always clean and organized? It's easy: a list of cleaning topics may help anyone keep a neatly organized home. Below are some tips to help you organize your house cleaning chores.

Come up with a realistic schedule

At least for most of us, the problem with ambitious schedules is that personal life and appointments end up interfering with implementation. Thus, before establishing a cleaning schedule, try to list realistic goals based on your daily routine. Plan cleaning chores for those moments throughout the week in which you have enough free time and energy to spare.

If you have a roommate, a partner or other family members, the tasks and responsibilities can be shared, or you can come up with a rotation scheme; don’t forget to be realistic when distributing such chores as well.

Spread out your cleaning schedule chores

Consider the possibility of making two or three different lists for chores with different frequency and requirement levels.

• Demanding cleaning chores that need to be taken care of only a few times a year, such as cleaning behind the cooker and hard-to-reach parts of furniture with drawers, may be listed on a different schedule.

• Average level chores, such as vacuuming or cleaning the fridge, may be listed on the weekly household cleaning schedule.

• Quicker chores, such as sweeping the floor and cleaning kitchen surfaces, may be included on the daily chores list.

Plan your cleaning schedule by area or cleaning type.

Depending on how big your home is, implement a rotation scheme for cleaning. For example, clean the first floor in one week and the second floor in the other. You may also divide the cleaning chores according to room types: focus on cleaning all of the bathrooms on one of the days. On another day, vacuum the rugs and carpets and dust all surfaces and shelves. And so on. What matters is to establish a routine and stick to it; this will allow you to keep your home clean and organized at all times.

I hope you enjoy it!

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